What are Electric Blankets

Electric Blankets are the perfect solution to those cold winter nights. Made with an integrated electrical heating device, the blankets are usually placed on top of the sheet and underneath the quilt to provide extra insulation. A control unit adjusts the amount of heat to your specifications.

The original electric blankets caused many safety concerns, such as burns and fires, however, all blankets developed after 1984 are considered to be much safer than their original counterparts. Modern blankets have carbon-wire fibers and work on 24 volts instead of the original 110/240 volts. They’re safer, more efficient, and more comfortable.

Old electric blankets have a number of safety concerns. The combination of heat, electricity, and flammable bedding create the perfect recipe for a fire. Electric blankets are responsible for an average 5,000 fired every year, however, in 99% of those fires, the blankets were over ten years old. It’s recommended that you replace your electric blanket every 10 years, and never use blankets that have been damaged (creasing, flexing, fraying, or excessive wear and tear).

The newer brands of electric blankets have many benefits that older models didn’t have. For instance, new blankets have the ability to be machine washed. A connector at the bottom of the blanket allows you to unplug the electrical cord, and the blanket can then be safely washed on a gentle wash cycle. Electric blankets also use less power than other heating elements. The blanket warms the immediate vicinity around the person, so there’s no need to heat the entire room or the house. For individuals hoping to save on their electric bill without sacrificing their warmth, an electric blanket is perfect.

There are many different kinds of electric blankets available, in a variety of colors and patterns. Small, 12 volt blankets are available for cars, and can be used by passengers. There are also battery-operated blankets, perfect for airline travel or camping, when an outlet is not readily available. Single adjustment blankets are suitable for warming the bed up before you climb in, however, the heating temperature can’t be adjusted to different temperatures. For larger, double-occupancy beds, two person adjustable blankets are available, so each person can pick their desired temperature.

Although modern blankets still pose a burn risk to sleeping individuals, children, and the elderly, they have been designed with a number of safe-guards to prevent overheating. Many come with timers which automatically switch the blanket off after a set length of time, in case you forget to turn it off in the morning. Blankets made after 1992 are made with electricity flowing in both directions, to minimize your expose to electromagnetic fields. Some people still worry that electric blankets create EMF’s that cause cancer, but the FDA has not substantiated any of those claims, and electric blankets are still considered relatively safe.

For individuals who want to stay warm in the winter without seeing a spike in their heating bill, electric blankets are the perfect alternative. They don’t consume as much energy as other heating devices and provide hours of comfort and warmth without increasing the thermostat.

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