Do you own a baby blanket?

Almost everyone had a baby blanket when they were a child. Some people may have even kept there’s through childhood and into their teen years. A baby blanket is a sweet and sentimental item for every baby to have.

Baby blankets come in a variety of different fabrics. You can find one in almost any fabric imaginable, from cotton and fleece to chenille, flannel, or even crocheted. Baby blankets can also be personalized with the child’s name or initials. When choosing a baby blanket, it’s important to get one that is slightly larger than the actual child, so that they can continue to use it as they’re a toddler.

Baby Blanket and Hat

Blankets come in every color and print imaginable. And no longer are the days where blankets have to be color-coordinated to the baby’s gender. It’s now acceptable to buy blankets in any color you want, including non-traditional colors like navy blue, aqua, or red. You can even find blankets with prints on them, such as butterflies, horses, or the alphabet. If you’re buying it as a gift and the parents already have a nursery, choose a blanket that will match the overall nursery theme. You can also buy a matching pillow to use when the child gets older.

When buying a baby blanket, consider the fabric of the blanket. Baby blankets need to be durable and well-constructed, so they can withstand dragging, holding, dropping, spilling, and constant washing. A well-made baby blanket can last the child’s entire life! Choose a blanket made from one solid piece of fabric rather than one with knitted holes. Knitted and crocheted blankets are sentimental, but they tend to stretch with age, creating holes in the blanket that poses as a hazard to the child. The blanket should also be light weight, and not too heavy. You can also buy baby quilts that are slightly heavier than baby blankets and can be used in the winter.

The first blanket a child usually gets is their receiving blanket. Receiving blankets should be 100% cotton, lightweight, quick to dry, and easy to wash. They’re usually bought in packs of several blankets, since an infant can go through several receiving blankets in a week. Baby blankets and receiving blankets make excellent shower gifts; just make sure to avoid things like fringes or baubles on the ends that the child could choke on.

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